Product Details


Product Details

Lenght: 3150 mm

Width: 1500 mm

Height: 1700 mm

Weight: 830 kg (Electric System:930 kg)

Tire Size Right​: 165/80r13

Tire Size Left​: 165/80r13

Volume: 2,5 Cubic Meters

Band Width700mm

Setting The Distributors: Hydraulic

Power Requirements​: 10/ 15 HP

Capacity Ladle: 100 kg

Setting The Ladle: Hydraulic

Number Of Knives: 10  PCS

General Features: 2,5 Cubic meter vertical mixing wagon can work with either tractor shaft or electric motor system. Yhe feature of the machine is that to make into homogeneous mixture by mixing different  types of feed ingredients and distribute it to animals. The 2,5 cubic meter vertical mixing wagon, which is ideal for enterprises with around 20-30 animals, can prepare a homogeneous and desired size feed mixture by means of  the blades on the helix at the bottom base.